June 22, 2008

Card Sketch #4

Posted in Card Sketches at 9:09 am by Noella

 Happy Sunday everyone!  Today I have changed it up a little.  I sent the following card sketch to 4 designers who have previously been featured.  I thought it would be fun to see the different variations of the sketch! 

Card sketch #4: 

And interpretations by:

Ali MacDonald:

Mary Chong:

Detta Owens:

Deanne Burton:

I hope you enjoyed seeing these wonderful cards as much as I did!  Thank you Gals!

Now let’s see your take on this card sketch!  Email me your example at: noelmika@nb.sympatico.ca


  1. alimom4 said,

    Great stuff Detta, Deanne and Mary!! : ) I LOVED using this sketch, Noella. It’s a beaut. Amazing how our interpretations can be so diffferent. This proves the value of your sketch!!! :o) TY Noella!

  2. Very nice interpretations! Great job!

  3. Great cards!! Love this sketch. I’ll be saving it for later.

  4. detta said,

    I love how they are all so different

  5. Mary said,

    I totally agree – and you know what else – if you hold on to the sketch and revisit it again at a later date – your own interpretation will come out different!!

    The power of the SKETCH!!

    Yay Noella!!

    (and thanks again for the opportunity)

  6. kirsten said,

    Great work ladies, awesome sketches you all did a wonderful job! Cant wait to see more

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