June 23, 2008

Sketch #6 – 12″ x 12″

Posted in 12" x 12" Sketches at 6:20 am by Noella

Happy Monday everyone!  Time to start a new week..here is a sketch and interpretation to kick things off!


And a interpretation from Featured Designer, Kirsten Wild!


Please make sure to send your examples to me at noelmika@nb.sympatico.ca! I would love to see your work!


  1. Keely Yowler said,

    Noella…I LOVE your sketches! They are SO detailed and beautiful!

  2. Marci K said,

    Great sketch and awesome page by Kirsten!

  3. alimom4 said,

    HUGZ Kirsten. I have a special needs little boy (aged 6 now, with ASD) and he went thru a similar phase for a few months at 5.5 years… It was not as difficult as yours. ((HUGZ)) I do feel for you. U did a beautiful job on this LO. The red speaks volumes, hon.

    Noella, I just sent you a heritage style LO I did based on this sketch! Hope you can use it and/or enjoy it…GREAT sketch!

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