July 13, 2008

Card Sketch #7 – You are the Designer!

Posted in Card Sketches at 2:49 pm by Noella

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Now today I have no interpretation for this sketch…due to the fact I did not get it out earlier..I just created if a few moments ago!

So  I have decided that all of you are my designers today.  I would like you to create a sample of this card sketch post it on your blog and post a link right here on this post so everyone can enjoy your creation!


here is your card sketch for today!



  1. Maria C said,

    Here is my card from this sketch: http://my-scrapyard.blogspot.com/

  2. Here is my take on your card. Loved this sketch.


  3. Great sketch, Noella! You can check out my card here:


  4. Stacy said,

    This is the card I made. TFL!

  5. Stacy said,

    Duh here is where it is:


  6. Alyssa said,

    Here is my take on this sketch! I really had fun with this one!


  7. Alyssa said,

    Here’s my take on the sketch.


  8. Lisanne said,

    Hi! I did mine with some of the things you sent me for the card sketch *3 challenge.


  9. Lisanne said,

    Why it don’t work??

  10. Lisanne said,

    Made it with some of the thing you sent to me :0))

  11. […] with the current CY Design Team in charge of interpretations. Here is the link to the last time the Card Sketch was posted. Several people did interpretations as you can see in the Comments […]

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