August 3, 2008

Sunday Card Challenge

Posted in Challenges at 3:13 pm by Noella

Happy Sunday everyone!!  Sorry for the delays in posting new sketches..I promise that now my new team has been picked..I will have new sketches out to you very very soon!!

So, for today, I am issuing a challenge!  I would like to see you create a summer themed card..using any of my previous card sketches. 

Have fun, and please post a link to your creation right here in the comments posts! (please note that I may have to approve some links as they are in my spam list, I will approve asap!) Thanks!



  1. Keely Yowler said,

    I love card challenges! Here is my Summer card based on one of Noella’s sketches.

  2. alimom4 said,

    WOW,Keely! That is an absolutely STUNNING CARD!!!! TYFS! Ali

  3. Noella said,

    Love those colors!! Awesome card!

  4. Krista said,

    Gorgeous card Keely, the colors just pop luv them : )

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