August 5, 2008

Sketch # 17 – 12″ x 12″

Posted in 12" x 12" Sketches at 9:50 pm by Noella

Happy Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am so siked!  I got my first sketches out to my new design team and they are just creating away as we speak! Some have had a very short deadline date..of which I am so darned proud to say that they did not seem to be concerned about and I thank you for a matter of is my newest sketch with my first 2 featured Creatively Yours Design Team member’s creations..

Sketch #17:

Here are interpretations by:

CY Layout Designer, Nicole Drewniak


CY Layout Little Chef, Designer, Lisanne Cote



Ladies, don’t forget we would “love” to see your interpretations!  Make sure to post a link to your creation in the comments! 



  1. Krista said,

    What an awesome sketch Noella! Great job Lisanne & Nicole both of your layouts are Gorgeous : ) I

  2. Lisanne said,

    Great job Nicole, your son is a cutie!!!!

  3. Jess said,

    Beautiful pages, ladies!! And great sketch Noella!!

  4. Nicole Drewniak said,

    thanks lisanne! I love your page! I had to laugh because the boy on your page is Gabriel and so is mine!

  5. Keely Yowler said,

    Beautiful layouts, Nicole and Lisanne!

  6. alimom4 said,

    Nicole and Lisanne, these look so awesome.

    Nic, I love the title lettering ( and the title itself! LOL) the use of the floral behind the torn paper… and what a pic! LOL SWEET kiddo!

    Lisanne, I love the stripes (YUMMY), the use of the notebook paper and the inclusion of your chef’s own printing! great idea.

    TWO GABRIELS!!!!! What a hoot!

    Bravo to you both!

  7. alimom4 said,

    Forgot to add that this is a superb sketch, Noella! I will be using this one for sure. GREAT JOB GIRL!

  8. Noella said,

    Fantastic work ladies!! I love your interpretations!

  9. tanisharenee said,

    great sketch! I love both interpretations! Awesome job ladies!

  10. Lisanne said,

    Nicole, 2 Gabriel, what a coincidence lolll

  11. scrapshe said,

    I love the sketch. I have saved it to try.

  12. Trish said,

    Beautiful work ladies!!

  13. Alyssa said,

    Here’s my take on this sketch:

  14. KJ said,

    Both the layouts are just so stinkin’ cute!! Fabulous job with the sketch, girls!!!

  15. […] has been published using one of my sketches!  She has listed in her list of supplies that she used Sketch # 17 from Creatively […]

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