October 20, 2008

Here are the 9 November Guest Designer Finalists! Once again!

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Okay ladies, due to some funky weird ‘puter stuff!  I have had to delete the recent post with everyones card entries…I am trying once again…fingers crossed..And please if you commented before would you be so kind as to post another little comment..thanks..

Noella and I have been so thrilled with all the contest submissions received by Creatively Yours! We extend a WARM THANK YOU to all who applied. Congratulations to the following NINE finalists who have been chosen to move on to “Step Two” of the CY November GDT Contest!
Without further ado, here are the CY November GDT Contest finalists, their mini-bios, and a sample card from each finalist. I’m sure you’ll agree that these gals are all AMAZINGLY talented card-makers!

**Finalists are listed in no particular order. **

[A.  Finalist ~Jacquie Norduane~

I am a stay at home mom to two children. I have a boy who just turned five and a daughter who is turning 4 very soon. I have been married for 5 years to a wonderful man. I enjoy scrapbooking and making cards in my spare time. I spend a lot of time playing with my children and enjoy video games and riding bikes with the kids.
One of Jacquie’s card entries:

B] Finalist ~Jenifer Cowles~

I’m from Idaho. I work in the Finance Department for a small city by day and scrap and sew by night. I have 3 cutie pies Caleb, Madison, and Hunter who give me tons to scrap about. I’ve been scrapbooking 8 years, but I’ve done some form of it my entire life! I love sewing; it’s my favorite technique. It adds a cute look to a page and is perfect when glue dots won’t work. I love the challenge of taking something not so nice and turning it into something beautiful.
One of Jenifer’s card entries:


C] Finalist ~Kim Holmes~

I’m a SAHM and I am currently on 2 DT’s – the Scrap-Diner online store and Dixie Pieces Kit Club. I love to work from sketches and have just recently found the CY blog thanks to links on Tanisha Long’s blog!
One of Kim’s card entries:


D] Finalist ~Christi Snow~

My name is Christi Snow. I have been cardmaking & scrapbooking for 13+ years. My specialty is stamping. It’s rare for me to make something that doesn’t have some sort of stamping on it. I’m a SAHM to Jacob & Katherine. I’ve been married to my DH for 16 years and his job in the Air Force keeps us hopping. In my spare time, I’m on the Unity Stamp Company DT and do freelance work for several magazines in the UK.
One of Christi’s card entries:

E] Finalist ~Lainey Molin~

I am a 32-year-old wife and mother of two young men who hold a true passion for the world {and wouldn’t have it any other way}. I most enjoy incorporating various art forms in my scrapping, such as sewing, collage, paint, stamping, and mixed media.
One of Lainey’s card entries:


F] Finalist ~Beth Price~

I’m Beth, married to Steve and mom to 3 growing girls. I was always encouraged in my love of crafting by my mom. My family has a history of loving hand-crafts. So it’s no surprise that when I knew I was going to be a mom, I started scrapbooking. I also very much enjoy altering & card-making. I enjoy scrapping my three girls and you’ll usually see flowers & frills of some kind on whatever I’m working on.
One of Beth’s card entries:


G] Finalist ~Ann Seleshenko~

I have been scrapbooking for 10 years and cardmaking for 6years. I’m a SAHM to 2 boys and have been married for 10 years. I’m currently on the design teams at ‘Savvy’n’Sassy,’ ‘Sheetload of Cards’ and ‘Christmas Cards all year ‘round.’
One of Ann’s card entries:


H] Finalist ~Sherry Owens~

I’m Sherry, and I live in Utah. I’ve been creating since childhood – I’ve always had the need for a creative outlet. There are so many fun things to create and so much to learn from the process!
It’s a bonus to be able to share the creations with people.
One of Sherry’s card entries:


I] Finalist ~Kelli Seeman Smith~

Kelli Smith loves to create. She’s been Scrapbooking since the early 80’s when her first album was created using construction paper and knick-knacks. Scrapbooking has come far and she’s enjoying the ride. Scrapbooking allows Kelli to show off her creative side. When she isn’t Scrapbooking, you will find her teaching at her local high school, traveling throughout the US, or hiking. Visit her blog at: www.ksspecials.blogspot.com
One of Kelli’s card entries:

What’s Next?

First, the Finalists will all be emailed the same 12×12″ layout sketch to interpret. This sketch wil have been designed by Noella especially for the contest Finalists!

The Finalists must email their layout to Noella and Ali by the deadline: Oct 29, midnight, AST.

TWO WINNERS will be chosen and notified by email on or before October 31. They will be asked to provide CY with a more detailed “bio.”

On November 1, the sketch and the winning entries, plus the winners’ bios will be published on the Creatively Yours blog.

The two GDT members will be designing cards and LOs for Noella at CY throughout November, 2008.




  1. alimom4 said,

    Thank you Noella, for fixing whatever the heck was going on w/ WordPress yesterday and this morning. Phew! What a ride!!! The best part is that we had a nice chat yesterday on the ‘phone… can’t beat that!

    Ladies, I am bowled over by your talent! What beautiful cards to go along with Noella’s beautiful sketch!

    TY to all who have entered the GDT Contest adn GOOD LUCK to our 9 Finalists!

    Can’t wait to see the sketch you’ll all be interpreting. Super excited. :o)

  2. Christi Snow said,

    Oh, Yeah!!! This looks much more normal. Everyone’s cards are so gorgeous!!! I am thrilled to be part of this little group and look forward to the layout sketch. smiles….

  3. Raechelle said,

    Gorgeous cards ladies! Congratulations to all, especially Kim and Christi! 🙂

  4. Keely Yowler said,

    WOW! These ladies are amazing! I can’t wait to see what they create next! Good luck to each of you.

  5. Krista said,

    AMAZING cards ladies : ) Loved every one of them! Good luck to each of you!

  6. tanisharenee74 said,

    Simply fabulous creations! Good luck ladies!!

  7. Jenifer Cowles said,

    Beautiful Cards, I love them all. I cant wait for round 2:)

  8. geng said,

    we have an amazing talent here! beautiful layouts!!! good luck to everyone

  9. calonghorn said,

    congratulations to all the finalists! those are beautiful cards and a special shout-out to Jenifer! Whoo Hoo! so excited for you!

  10. Nicole said,

    Holy cow! You are going to have a super tough time choosing out of this lot!

  11. Lisanne said,

    Woww, those cards are amazing, so much talent out there!!

  12. KJ said,

    Holy cow….these submissions are phenomenal!! Best of luck to all of you!! Definitely a difficult decision to make!

  13. Kim Holmes said,

    This is so exciting! Thanks for the opportunity!

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