April 30, 2009

Surprise!!! A Special Reveal!

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We’re  super-excited to present you with  something NEW today at Creatively Yours!

Noella and I thought it only fitting that we have members of our fabulous outgoing Design Team, one of  our Guest Designers and a former Guest Designer interpret the newest thing we’re sketching: TAGS!

You got it!

What can we use tags for?

Here are some fun ideas:

Use your tags on gift bags, or  atop wrapped presents.

 Hang  pretty, sparkly tags on the Christmas Tree! Write a special Christmas story verse on each tag you create.

Use a tag as a  small bookmark.

Make a CARD out of a TAG Sketch (as you’ll see in Deanne’s interpretation below.)

Make the tags from waterproof materials and hang them on a backpack or suitcase as identification!

Place the tag on your scrapbook page to embellish it. 

Write your journaling on a tag and place on a LO.

Embellish a card with a tag! 

 When adding photos to a small tag, try using “index prints” provided by many photo developers. They are the PERFECT size!

 Use a tag to “pretty up” a bouquet of flowers with the recipient’s name and a nice handwritten message.

Place a magnet on the back of your tag and embellish it, then add a favourite quote or photo, and  voila! An instant fridge decoration you can LOVE.

Pin a cool tag to a Bulletin Board!

Make your tags into funky name-tags for a themed get-together or crafty meeting.

Use handmade tags of various sizes to label the drawers and baskets in your craft area.

Whatever you do with your completed tag, always come back to CY for sketches and  tag design ideas and to share the tags you’ve created and what you’re using them for!  We’d LOVE to see your tags and ideas!…. 

Tag #1

Sketch #11

Sketch #11 by Ali MacDonald- Our first-ever CY Tag Sketch!

Sketch #11 by Ali MacDonald- Our first-ever CY Tag Sketch!

 And here are some gorgeous tag sketch interpretations from members of the Creatively Yours Design Team!

CY Designer Liz Weber did us proud yet again with this  rich, colourful interpretation of Sketch #11


Tag created by CY Designer Liz Weber

Ching Phillips, on Special Assignment, created this celebratory anniversary tag for us!

These are Ching’s parents at their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Tag created by Ching Phillips on Special Assignment

Tag created by former CY Guest Designer Ching Phillips on Special Assignment


 CY Designer Jenifer Cowles interpreted Sketch #11 with the classy colour scheme and a glistening snowflake as seen here:


Tag created by CY Designer Jenifer Cowles


And… as a special treat, we have another tag sketch for you today!

Here we go with Tag #2

“Lucky Sketch  #13!”

Jana Fail stepped up to the plate with this gorgeous interpretation of Sketch #13.
 (She told me that used her tag on a baby gift the day she created it! )
 Tag created by CY Designer Jana Fail

Tag Created by CY Designer Jana Fail

 Ching Phillips, on Special Assignment, has once  again created some beauty with her Tag for Sketch #13!


Tag created by Former Guest Designer Ching Phillips on Special Assignment


 Ann Seleshanko  never  disappoints! Her work is always such a treat for the eyes! Just look at her tag:

Tag created by CY Designer Ann Seleshanko
Tag created by CY Designer Ann Seleshanko


One of our April 2009 CY Guest Designers, Deanne Burton, made us proud by creating two interpretations of Sketch #13!

First, a Happy Birthday Wish!

Tag created by CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton

Then, Deanne created & shared a Christmas greeting!

A “card-tag” spreading much Joy:

Card created  by Deanne Burton


CY Designer Liz Weber provided us with a gorgeous interpretation of Sketch #13. The colours will knock your socks off! 

Tag created by CY Designer Liz Weber

Tag created by CY Designer Liz Weber

 Warm “Thank Yous ” and biggest ((HUGZ)) to ALL of our CY Designers and Guest Designers. Your creations are an honour to post here at CY!  

Special thanks to February 2009 CY Guest Designer Ching Phillips for sharing her tag creations with us on today’s Special Assignment.

Warmest thanks to our “Scrappin Sisters,” Deanne Burton,  Susan Coish and Carla Robinson for their team spirit and inspiring input this month. You all ROCK!

 A warm farewell to CY Designers Liz Weber, Jana Fail, Ann Seleshanko, Merrilee Wheaton, Jenifer Cowles, Beth Price, Helga Payawal-Vergara and Evelien Verschelde.

Each of you has contributed beautifully to making CY a special and inspirational place. You are valued and appreciated.

 Thank you- and please remember that we are always looking for Guest Designers here on the Blog!~ Please keep in touch and show us your creations via the Comments section!

Lots is planned for May as we bring you some fun and variety in different forms. Be sure to check it out and have some fun with us!

 In June we will be starting back to our traditional posting here at CY with a brand new Design Team.

Remember to apply for the DT!  ALL WELCOME!

Chat soon!

~Noella and Ali





  1. Robin Gibson said,

    OH HOW COOL! I used to LOVE tags, how did I ever let that get ‘by’ me? Who knows! BUT Thanks for bringing my excitement back!! I will have to go make some now! (will post when I do!) FABULOUS samples Ladies!!!

  2. Liz said,

    Wowzers look what we did with those amazing tag sketches – gorgeous creations ladies.

    I use my purple one for a bookmark – best bookmark I ever had!

    Thanks for such a wonderful time on the Creatively Yours Team, it’s been a pleasure using the sketches created by both Noella and Ali and it’s been a devine treat working with such an amazing team of talented scrappers.

    I will be keeping my eye on what is happening here for the future.

    Happy Creating ladies!

  3. Ann said,

    Oh wow, these tags are just stunning!!! Ali and Noella, your sketches are always so inspiring and easy to use. You ladies are amazing.

  4. Merrilee said,

    I never know what to do with tags. These sketches are great!

    I love all the interpretations! Such amazing variety!

    Thank you for a wonderful experience as a member of the CY DT. You ladies are the best!

  5. Jana said,

    I must admit I am not a big tag person and was a bit dissapointed when I had to make one. BUT hey it worked out great and after seeing everyone’s intrpretations I just fell in love. So I will be on the look out for more of you tag sketches.

    Thanks so much for all the fun and inspiration here.I’ve had a great time and loved everyone I met as well. I will try and hang around still and ya know where I’ll be coming for inspiration. 🙂

  6. Denise Baker said,

    WOW!!! Awesome sketches and examples! Love the inspiration found on your blog!

    I’ve awarded you with a fun blogger friendship award. Check it out on my blog…www.dbaker817.blogspot.com

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Ching said,

    Great tag sketches ! Thanks for the inspiration !
    I had fun doing my tags !


  8. klavu said,

    great sketches n interpretations 😀 I always love tag, n used ’em on everything. I’ll try these sketches someday 😀

  9. […] Yours has begun posting Tag Sketches. There are some great examples by the Design Team and as well there are ideas/tips on some ways […]

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