May 29, 2009

You’re FAMOUS!!!!! So proud of you~

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Check this out, our wonderful new DT is “up” on Scrapscene today!! !

 (Many Thanks to my friend Angie of Scrapscene. )


May 21, 2009


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Let’s shout it from the rooftops! We have a brand new Design Team here at CY! Noella and I are pleased to welcome FIVE talented ladies to  Creatively Yours!

Here they are, along with bios and  photos so you can “put a face to a name!”

1. Ann Seleshanko~ 


Hi my name is Ann and I’m very pleased to be a part of the Creatively Yours team. I’ve been married for 10 years and I’m a stay at home mom of two boys almost 6 and 9. They are the subject of most of my layouts. I live in Calgary, Alberta and there is no where else I’d rather be. I love being so close the the mountains. I’m a big history buff and have a degree in History. I’ve been scrapbooking for 10 years and making cards for about 6 years. I’m totally addicted. I love sketches as a starting point for creating. I love how one sketch can take on so many different forms. I’m on the design team at Savvy ‘n’ Sassy and I also sketch/design for SheetLoad of cards . I’m starting to dabble in photography and I’m hoping to take some courses in the fall.   You can find me on my blog here.  My  Gallery is here.

 2. Misty Miller~


Hi. My name is Misty Miller. I have been married to my husband, Dan, for 18 years. We have twin boys, Jacob and Caleb, who are 12 years old. We live in Greenfield, Indiana, and I teach students with learning difficulties. When we have the opportunity, we enjoy camping and hiking. I have always been into different crafts – sewing, cross-stitching, and quilting to name a few – since I was younger. I started seriously scrapbooking about 4 years ago when I was invited to a Creative Memories workshop at our church. I enjoyed scrapbooking so much that I kept going back to their monthly workshops. My style has certainly changed over the past 4 years. I look back at my first layouts and laugh. I am looking forward to being a part of the Design Team here at Creatively Yours!

Misty’s Blog is here. Enjoy!

3. Robin Gibson~


I’ve always been a ‘crafty kind of girl’, but got hooked on Scrapping, as we now know it, about 7 years ago. I DO love my paper and glue! I love to snap photos, and I tend to go crazy, since I have a digital camera, lol. And I’m lucky enough to have a very supportive husband who understands my ‘scrap-craziness’! He even built me a scrap room when we moved into our new house, and that’s what I call a man with his priorities in order. 🙂 
When I’m not scrapping, I work as a Nurse, and I also teach Nursing Assistant students, which is not only a challenge, but also, lots of fun! I’m married to David, and together we have 3 dogs, who are our children. 🙂 They are a constant source of pictures and joy for me.
While I’ve been scrapping for awhile, I’m new to the business of being on a Design Team. I’m SO excited about this opportunity to help inspire others, meet great friends, and have lots of fun! I’ve also recently been selected to be a member of the Purple Cows Design Team; so excited to get started with that too. 
I don’t know that I have a particular style, per se, so it’s likely you’ll see about anything from me.  But I DO love to work from a good sketch, and we all know that Noella and Ali can crank out some AWESOME inspiration for us to work with! So with that, I’ll just say, THANKS for having me here, and I’m thrilled to be working with this wonderful team! I just can’t wait to get started! I look forward to getting to know all of you better! 
Robin’s blog is here .  Her Flickr Gallery is here . Enjoy!
4. Rita Barakat~
Rita (and 'baby girl')

Rita (and 'baby girl')

My name is  Rita Barakat. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for over 18 years. I am a stay at home mother of five beautiful children. We had two then were blessed to adopt three more. (Baby girl is in the pic with me.) I craft because I love it. I have always loved crafts and scrapbooking is a way to incorporate my love of crafts into an art form that others will treasure for future generations. I am so excited to be on the Design Team for Creatively Yours because I love sketches! I love looking at other people’s work, it’s so inspiring!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I look forward to getting to working with Ali, Noella, the new DT and getting to know all of you.

Rita’s Blog is here  and her Gallery is here . Enjoy!


5. Andi Dickson~



 I live in Washington State with my husband and 3 children, Scott (8), Sierra (6) and Venice (1).   Besides homeschooling, scrapbooking is how I choose to spend most of my time. I love the creative challenge, and I enjoy creating beautiful things. I feel like my style is often changing, and it’s usually fairly eclectic. I tend to be more modern and bold, as I don’t usually care for the vintage or romantic look. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and going to the gym! Andi’s blog is here . Her Gallery is here . Enjoy!

Thank you to ALL the scrappers who applied to our Design Team Call… your Sketch #14 entries were really super! We encourage you to apply when the next call goes out! 

We also heartily congratulate Alison Thorne (June’s CY Guest Designer) and Jenifer Cowles (July’s CY Guest Designer). These upcoming guests were chosen through the recent CY-DT Call. 

We have a BIG surprise in store for you regarding the identity of our August CY-Guest Designer, so STAY TUNED! You will NOT want to miss this!  Very soon,  we will be on a hunt for more Guest Designers, and we value a good level of participation when making those choices!  So, please stay with  us here at CY, & share your LO links in the Comments section below so we can go visit your Gallery or blog, leave comments and keep you in mind as we make our next CY-GDT choices!!
Continue on with us as we  gain some (and share some) inspiration for the wonderful craft we call “scrapbooking.”
Have a super day! AGAIN:  A Warm Welcome to the new CY Design Team!
~Ali and Noella 
 Creatively Yours: Sketches by Noella and Ali

April 30, 2009

Surprise!!! A Special Reveal!

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We’re  super-excited to present you with  something NEW today at Creatively Yours!

Noella and I thought it only fitting that we have members of our fabulous outgoing Design Team, one of  our Guest Designers and a former Guest Designer interpret the newest thing we’re sketching: TAGS!

You got it!

What can we use tags for?

Here are some fun ideas:

Use your tags on gift bags, or  atop wrapped presents.

 Hang  pretty, sparkly tags on the Christmas Tree! Write a special Christmas story verse on each tag you create.

Use a tag as a  small bookmark.

Make a CARD out of a TAG Sketch (as you’ll see in Deanne’s interpretation below.)

Make the tags from waterproof materials and hang them on a backpack or suitcase as identification!

Place the tag on your scrapbook page to embellish it. 

Write your journaling on a tag and place on a LO.

Embellish a card with a tag! 

 When adding photos to a small tag, try using “index prints” provided by many photo developers. They are the PERFECT size!

 Use a tag to “pretty up” a bouquet of flowers with the recipient’s name and a nice handwritten message.

Place a magnet on the back of your tag and embellish it, then add a favourite quote or photo, and  voila! An instant fridge decoration you can LOVE.

Pin a cool tag to a Bulletin Board!

Make your tags into funky name-tags for a themed get-together or crafty meeting.

Use handmade tags of various sizes to label the drawers and baskets in your craft area.

Whatever you do with your completed tag, always come back to CY for sketches and  tag design ideas and to share the tags you’ve created and what you’re using them for!  We’d LOVE to see your tags and ideas!…. 

Tag #1

Sketch #11

Sketch #11 by Ali MacDonald- Our first-ever CY Tag Sketch!

Sketch #11 by Ali MacDonald- Our first-ever CY Tag Sketch!

 And here are some gorgeous tag sketch interpretations from members of the Creatively Yours Design Team!

CY Designer Liz Weber did us proud yet again with this  rich, colourful interpretation of Sketch #11


Tag created by CY Designer Liz Weber

Ching Phillips, on Special Assignment, created this celebratory anniversary tag for us!

These are Ching’s parents at their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Tag created by Ching Phillips on Special Assignment

Tag created by former CY Guest Designer Ching Phillips on Special Assignment


 CY Designer Jenifer Cowles interpreted Sketch #11 with the classy colour scheme and a glistening snowflake as seen here:


Tag created by CY Designer Jenifer Cowles


And… as a special treat, we have another tag sketch for you today!

Here we go with Tag #2

“Lucky Sketch  #13!”

Jana Fail stepped up to the plate with this gorgeous interpretation of Sketch #13.
 (She told me that used her tag on a baby gift the day she created it! )
 Tag created by CY Designer Jana Fail

Tag Created by CY Designer Jana Fail

 Ching Phillips, on Special Assignment, has once  again created some beauty with her Tag for Sketch #13!


Tag created by Former Guest Designer Ching Phillips on Special Assignment


 Ann Seleshanko  never  disappoints! Her work is always such a treat for the eyes! Just look at her tag:

Tag created by CY Designer Ann Seleshanko
Tag created by CY Designer Ann Seleshanko


One of our April 2009 CY Guest Designers, Deanne Burton, made us proud by creating two interpretations of Sketch #13!

First, a Happy Birthday Wish!

Tag created by CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton

Then, Deanne created & shared a Christmas greeting!

A “card-tag” spreading much Joy:

Card created  by Deanne Burton


CY Designer Liz Weber provided us with a gorgeous interpretation of Sketch #13. The colours will knock your socks off! 

Tag created by CY Designer Liz Weber

Tag created by CY Designer Liz Weber

 Warm “Thank Yous ” and biggest ((HUGZ)) to ALL of our CY Designers and Guest Designers. Your creations are an honour to post here at CY!  

Special thanks to February 2009 CY Guest Designer Ching Phillips for sharing her tag creations with us on today’s Special Assignment.

Warmest thanks to our “Scrappin Sisters,” Deanne Burton,  Susan Coish and Carla Robinson for their team spirit and inspiring input this month. You all ROCK!

 A warm farewell to CY Designers Liz Weber, Jana Fail, Ann Seleshanko, Merrilee Wheaton, Jenifer Cowles, Beth Price, Helga Payawal-Vergara and Evelien Verschelde.

Each of you has contributed beautifully to making CY a special and inspirational place. You are valued and appreciated.

 Thank you- and please remember that we are always looking for Guest Designers here on the Blog!~ Please keep in touch and show us your creations via the Comments section!

Lots is planned for May as we bring you some fun and variety in different forms. Be sure to check it out and have some fun with us!

 In June we will be starting back to our traditional posting here at CY with a brand new Design Team.

Remember to apply for the DT!  ALL WELCOME!

Chat soon!

~Noella and Ali



April 24, 2009

Sketch #12

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Hello everyone! Here’s hoping Spring has found you! We have had lots of April Showers here and now are expecting the MOST GORGEOUS weekend with summery temps here in the Annapolis Valley of  Nova Scotia. When are ya’ll coming to visit me? You KNOW I’d love that!

Well, I must have Spring Fever b/c I posted the interpretations and forgot the Sketch! ROFL! OH MY Ali!!

Here’s that promised Sketch #12! (Better late than never! **Shaking my head at myself! LOL**)

Sketch #12 created by Ali MacDonald for Creatively Yours: 2009

Sketch #12 created by Ali MacDonald for Creatively Yours: 2009


Noella and I have a special treat for you today. Our talented Guest Designers, sisters Carla, Susan and Deanne, have interpreted today’s sketch! It’s such an honour for me to see how they interpret something I drew! LOL  A big thanks ladies, for that.

Without further ado: Here are the sisters’ layout interpretations of Sketch #12!

~CY Guest Designer Carla Robinson provides us with a glimpse of the beauty of nature in her layout~

(Carla, I love the rich earth tones & the sweet critter faces in the pix. That title is PERFECT! LOL!)

CY Designer Carla Robinson's layout creation, based on Sketch #12

CY Guest Designer Carla Robinson's "Squirrels & Chipmunks" layout, based on Sketch #12

~CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton created this layout in memory of a beloved pet. ~

(Deanne, I just love the “softness” of this layout- it’s so perfect for a LO about a bunny. )

"Remember Tweety"~ A layout by CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton

"Remember Tweety"~ A layout by CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton

CY Guest Designer Susan Coish provides us with a glimpse of the happiness of children at play in her layout for Sketch #12

(Susan, what awesome doodling! You use white space so wonderfully, too- love that !!)
"Playground" layout created by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish

"Playground Pals" layout created by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish

 And here’s a layout from me…all about a note a friend wrote me on a Christmas card,  and what it meant to me.
"Love in Abundance" by CY Designer Ali MacDonald

"Love in Abundance" by CY Designer Ali MacDonald

Thank you once again  to our Guest Designers for sharing their layouts with us!
There is MORE to COME so please be on the lookout!
If you try this sketch, please share the link- we’ll be over to have a peek at your work! 
Don’t forget about the CY Design Team Call! Just scrrrrrrolllll down…. Ah- there you go— easy to find, right?
ALL are welcome to apply including former CY Designers, former CY Guest Designers and International  scrappers.
Chat with you all again  soon! ~ Ali

April 19, 2009

Sketch #15

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There is a little story behind this sketch.

I am always trying to encourage my oldest child,  Kate (15), to scrapbook with me.

One evening, quite awhile back,  she DID!!  Her layout, of course had to do with a pony at the barn, Oakley– the horse she rode in lessons. The  layout (LO) was so simple and effective that I fell in love with it. When I began sketching for Creatively Yours, this LO design kept coming to mind. The resulting sketch is  pretty much 100% based on Kate’s layout.  I worked in reverse and created my sketch  from her page!  Hope you like it.

~ Creatively Yours Sketch #15, based on a LO by Kate MacDonald ~

Sketch #15 created for CY by Ali, completely based on a layout by Kate MacDonald

Sketch #15: drawn by Ali, based on a layout created by scrapbooker Kate MacDonald (then aged 13).

This post wouldn’t be telling much of a story without a look at Kate’s actual layout! Here you go: Isn’t it pretty; so simple and
 Layout created by Kate MacDonald, at age 13, featuring a pony she rode during lessons: “Oakley.”
A year later,  Oakley became Kate’s very own pony.
Layout created by Kate MacDonald

Layout created by Kate MacDonald

Here is a scalloped and lacy treat for your eyes: an Easter layout by talented CY Design Team member Beth Price!

Layout created by Creatively Yours Designer Beth Price

Layout created by Creatively Yours Designer Beth Price

Here’s a  layout from “Yours Truly,” based upon Sketch #15

Layout created by CY Designer Ali MacDonald

Layout created by CY Designer Ali MacDonald

(A quick note…The title is “PART of my heart ” since Noah, our youngest,  is missing from this photo.)

 Thanks Everyone, and remember to enter our DT call! Scroll down a little and you’ll find the rules and requirements of applying.  Can’t wait to see your entries!

April 15, 2009

Card Sketch #25

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 Noella has been busily sketching and here is a brand new card sketch that she created for our talented CY Guest Designers!

Card Sketch #25 by CY Sketch Artist Noella Arsenault  

 ~ Here’s a classy interpretation by CY Guest Designer Carla Robinson ~

That open heart is perfect! 

Card created by CY Guest Designer Carla Robinson
Card created by CY Guest Designer (one of our three “sisters”)  Carla Robinson


~ Here’s a soft, sweet interpretation of the sketch by CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton ~

Love the orange rick–rack!

"Always There" card by CY Guest Designer Deanne Burton
Card created by CY Guest Designer (one of our three “sisters”) Deanne Burton


~ CY Guest Designer Susan Coish interpreted card sketch #25 with “Joie de vivre!” ~

 The red “pop ” is so eye-catching!

Card created by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish
Card created by CY Guest Designer (one of our three “sisters”)  Susan Coish

Many thanks to our CY Guest Designers, Susan, Carla and Deanne for their beautiful interpretations of  Card sketch #25. You do us sooo proud here at CY! What a treat to see your work! The recipients of these cards will be touched- they’re gorgeous!


Here’s an interpretation of the sketch from “Yours Truly.” I went Spring-y and citrus-y with this one using up some FUN Scenic Route papers!!

Card created by CY Designer Ali MacDonald
Card created by CY Designer Ali MacDonald

 Thanks for sharing the fun of making cards with us!!! Please remember that we have a DT call on- all are welcome to apply, whether you have worked as a Designer at CY before, or not. International applicants are invited to apply as well. 

**Read the CY post on April 12-’09 [below] for more info!**


April 12, 2009

Sketch #14

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Hi Everyone! Happy Easter!  Below is a new sketch I created for CY. Enjoy!

Please remember to post a link to your creation and we will go check it out.  🙂 WHY??

Because we have a DT CALL!

The CY DESIGN TEAM SEARCH has begun!…. We’re always on the lookout for talented Creatively Yours Design Team Members and a new term starts soon! The current DT finishes up their term on May 1-2009.  

We have some special things planned here for May, so the next DT term will be June 01- October 31, 2009.

Being able to see how YOU  interpret a CY sketch helps Noella and I make good choices.

If you are interested in a position on the next CY Design Team, be sure to post the link to your sketch #14 creation in the “Comments” section AND send me an email including your NAME and CREATION (DT entry layout based on sketch #14)   at so I am aware that you are interested and have entered the DT call. Love love love to see your DT entry (Sketch #14) creations!

EDITED: DEADLINE for DT call entries is MAY 15, 2009 midnight YOUR time (I am nice, LOL)

New DT members will be notified by May 17.

Our new DT will be announced here on May 22, 2009

Now on to Sketch #14…

Sketch #14 created for CY by Ali MacDonald

 Sketch #14 created for CY by Ali MacDonald

Here are some beautiful interpretations by our  uber-talented CY Design Team!

Layout created by CY DT member Liz Weber, a gal we can always count on for “a stunner!”

Yup!! A Stunner!

"Many Faces" layout created by Liz Weber for CY

“Many Faces” layout created by DT Member Liz Weber for CY

  Here is Ann Seleshanko’s “wise”  interpretation: No-one can combine patterns the way Ann does!!

A+ Gorgeous!

"Summer Hike" layout by CY DT Member Ann Seleshanko

“Summer Hike” layout by CY DT Member Ann Seleshanko

 Here is a layout by CY Design Team Member Jana Fail. Colourful and happy in a way that is perfection- those are Jana’s LOs!

Bravo Jana!

 "Going up and Going down"~ A Layout by CY Design Team Member Jana Fail

Stay tuned for more lovely work on Thursday… Hope you’re feeling inspired! 🙂 

Now go re-read the DT applicant information, above! **Grin**

 Thanks Liz, Ann and Jana for your beautiful work today!~

It was a pleasure to post!

April 4, 2009

CY Guest Designer Feature: Susan Coish!

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Another of our TALENTED and friendly Sisters is featured here today! Welcome to “Creatively Yours” Susan!

This busy gal deserves a standing ovation right now. I am about to burst, prouder than proud to tell you that Susan is completing her Nursing degree from the same Uni I attended when I studied Nursing!! In the midst of her studies and work as a Nursing student, she is a Mommy, wife and scrapper… wearing sooo many hats in each role!! *We all understand the “many hats”  thing, right?* LOL

Meet Susan:


 Susan was kind enough to send me her bio to share with you all!

“I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man, and we have 2 beautiful daughters ( ages 8 and 7). I am 30…something…and currently finishing up my last 3 weeks of nursing school ( my second career). Once finished I hope to be a pediatric nurse in my local hospital. We live in Moncton, NB and have been here for 6 years. I started scrapbooking in 2002 (I think… lol). My sister (Deanne) introduced me to the craft and I’ve been hooked ever since. I spend a lot of time browsing  galleries and grabbing inspiration anywhere I can get it.

I scrapbook because it’s become an outlet for my day to day stressors. I find that even the days when I am totally exhausted from home stuff and school stresses, I like to sit at my scrapping table and scrap a quick LO to relieve that stress. 

I also love to create the memories for my kids. It makes me so happy to see them sitting down and looking at the pages I have created through the years (and there’s a lot of them! lol) Through the years, my style has evolved many times.  Right now, my style is eclectic. At times, I love adding extra details, but other times more simplistic pages work for me.

I am honoured to have been published in Scrapbook and Cards Today, Canadian Scrapbooker, and an inspiration idea book “Doodling for Papercrafters.”

Thanks  to Ali and Noella, for inviting us to be a part of the team here for the month of April. I look forward to inspiring and being inspired by each one of you.” 

Here is a link to Susan’s fun blog which she calls Scrap ‘n Doodle! Go check out her awesome work!

Speaking of that, here are two of Susan’s favourite layouts. Enjoy! 

"Playing with Bubbles" LO by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish

"Playing with Bubbles" LO by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish


"Take me for a Ride" LO by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish
“Take me for a Ride” LO by CY Guest Designer Susan Coish

Welcome to you, Susan, and a big Thank You to you and your wonderfully creative Sisters Carla and Deanne for being Guest Designers here at Creatively Yours this month! Have fun Gals!


April 3, 2009

CY Guest Designer Feature: Carla Robinson!

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This morning we’re featuring Carla Robinson,  one of the three “sisters” who make the “Sisterhood of Scrap” Blog such a GREAT place to go for inspiration, scrappy tidbits, and design ideas. 

Meet Carla~


Carla was kind enough to send me her bio to share with ya’ll.

 “Hi everyone! I am Carla, living in a small town in Newfoundland, Canada with my husband and our 4 wonderful children. I homeschool all of my children; they range in age between 11 and 16 years old. DH runs a recording studio from our home. As a family, we love spending time together.  

I started scrapbooking in 2004  after being encouraged by my older sister. My style is fairly simple, I think. I like clean lines, but I also like a bit of doodling and the collage-y look. My inspiration comes mainly from online galleries and from magazines. In my free time, I enjoy reading, sewing and baking.” 

 About Guest Designing at CY, Carla told me “I am super excited to be doing this :)”

Hey Carla… 🙂 …Guess what?… WE are super-excited that you are here at Creatively Yours this month! Yahoo!

Here’s a link to Carla’s Blog.  It’s called “The Pursuit of Scrappyness!” [LOL! PERFECT name!]  Go check out her awesome LOs!

I just have to share a post of Carla’s– it’s about her Scrap Room. Isn’t this GREAT? When are you coming to help me organize MY scrap room, Carla? Awesome job!

Welcome to Creatively Yours!! We’re really glad you’re here!

 Here’s Carla’s interpretation of  Noella’s Sketch #24…  sooo pretty. Lovin’ that stitching! 

Card created by CY Guest Designer Carla Robinson using Card Sketch #24

Card created by CY Guest Designer Carla Robinson using Card Sketch #24

April 2, 2009

CY Guest Designer Feature: Deanne Burton!

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 It’s always nice to get to know our guests better!

“Meet” Deanne Burton, one of three Guest designers at Creatively Yours this month! ! 


Multi-talented and a great multi-tasker, Deanne is a teacher, mother, sister and daughter, wife,  friend and SCRAPPER!!!

Deanne’s Bio:

“My name is Deanne Burton. I’m a loving wife and mom. I am also a teacher of fantastic grade 6 kids (love ’em to pieces! Super bunch!) I live in Newfoundland, and wouldn’t live in any other place in the whole wide world!
I should have said first and foremost, I AM A SCRAP ADDICT! There I said it!I have always been creative and have always done some sort of craft for as long as I can remember (even as a toddler!) Right from the  first time I pout a crayon in my hand, to now, I have loved to create.
Scrapbooking allows me to do EXACTLY what I want with a picture and piece of paper! Awesome feeling!
My scrapbooking is my passion, my pasttime, it is ME!! I HATE sitting with nothing to do. Idleness is just not “my thang!!!” My hands have to be doing something, so what better to put into busy hands than some great pictures, pretty papers and ribbon, brads, buttons, paint, chipboard, rubons, flowers, ink, glue dots, stamps, and scissors!!!!!!!!
I just love it, I really do!!!!!!”
Thanks Deanne! I have had the pleasure of working with Deanne in  couple of other places on the web. Just love her enthusiasm for this great hobby/paper-craft/memory saving activity!  
At Scrapbooker’s Club House, I wrote a feature about Deanne and will share it. It includes photos of some of Deanne’s fave projects!
Below you will ALSO find Deanne’s interpretation of Creatively Yours’  card sketch #24!
Welcome, welcome to CY,  Deanne! We’re thrilled to have you wih us!
Card by CY Guest signer Deanne Burton, using Card Sketch #24

Card by CY Guest designer Deanne Burton, using Card Sketch #24

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