May 31, 2009

Creatively Yours is MOVING!

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Hi everyone!  My Dear Friend Ali and I have decided to move things over to Blogger for ease and piece of mind.  WordPress has been good but sometimes not user friendly and we do not want our dear friend Ali to Pull all the hairs out of her head..LOL.  Anywho, with blogger there is a much better option and ease when changing styles and formats as well as adding photos.  I hope you will follow us there.  The new addy is:

Please bookmark this page as we will be using that address from today on!  Happy Trails WordPress.. Hugs

May Challenge Contest Entries

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 The following Scrapbookers entered LOs in our “May Challenge” and thus earned ballots toward the growing “Colorbok” prize pak!
[Our Challenge draw winner is listed below.]
Thanks for looking! Bring a friend, and enjoy the eye candy here,  everyone!

   Entries for Challenge A:

Sketch #15 by Noella Arsenault

Sketch #15 by CY Sketch Artist: Noella Arsenault

Sketch #15 by CY Sketch Artist Noella Arsenault

A “May Challenge A” Entry by CY Designer Robin Gibson:
"She's all Heart" by CY Designer Robin Gibson

"She's all Heart" by CY Designer Robin Gibson

Entries for Challenge B:

 Sketch #21 by Noella Arsenault

Sketch #21

A “May Challenge B” Entry by CY Designer Robin Gibson:

"Dec 2009 Destination" by CY Designer Robin Gibson
“Dec 2009 Destination” by CY Designer Robin Gibson

A “May Challenge B” Entry by CY Designer Rita Barakat:

"Perfection is my Enemy" by CY Designer Rita Barakat

"Perfection is my Enemy" by CY Designer Rita Barakat

 A “May Challenge B” Entry by CY “Fan”  Sandi Larkins

Sandi Larkins Chall B

"Birthday Bunch" by CY Fan Sandi Larkins

Entries for Challenge C:

Card Sketch #12 by Noella Arsenault

Card Sketch by CY Sketch Artist Noella Arsenault

Card Sketch by CY Sketch Artist Noella Arsenault


Card by Robin Gibson

Card by Robin Gibson

Entries for Challenge D:

Sketch #7 by Ali MacDonald
CY Layout Sketch by Ali MacDonald

CY Layout Sketch by Ali MacDonald

A “May Challenge D” Entry by CY Designer Robin Gibson:
"Time Together " by CY Designer Robin Gibson

"Time Together " by CY Designer Robin Gibson

What beautiful interpretations!
And the May Challenge winner, done by random draw (Thank You to Daniel) is: Robin Gibson!!
Robin had her name in the hat quite a few times, since she managed to complete ALL the challenges! She won our Colorbok Prize Pack! CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!

Email me your snail mail addy, Robin, and I will get everything out to you ASAP! Thanks to you all for visiting us here at CY everyone…

And thanks to Sandi Larkins, Rita Barakat and Robin Gibson for their work on the May Challenges!

Stay tuned: June is JUST around the corner. 

May 29, 2009

You’re FAMOUS!!!!! So proud of you~

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Check this out, our wonderful new DT is “up” on Scrapscene today!! !

 (Many Thanks to my friend Angie of Scrapscene. )

May 25, 2009

May Challenge D

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Here you go!

CHALLENGE D: Create a card, any colours, any theme using the sketch below- squish it, flip, turn or reverse it. Leave smthg out, add another.  Choose a motif different from the  big flower! Just make us a card!

There’s still time to enter the fun scrappy prize draw! Email me ( pete ali@ eastlink .ca “no spaces”) with your entry, or a link to it, and your name goes into our “hat” once for every card or LO you create in the May Challenges!

Every time I receive  a LO, the prize GROWS!

Go go go!!!  Have fun!


Card Sketch for May Challenge D

Card Setch#12 by CY sketch artist Noella Arsenault

Card Setch#12 by CY sketch artist Noella Arsenault

May 22, 2009

Contest info:

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For the  May Monday Challenges Contest, I have had some trouble accessing the entries.


If you have completed or are completing  a LO for any PAST or FUTURE May challenge please  email them to me ASAP at peteali  @  eastlink. ca (with no spaces).

Include your name.

THEN I can enter you in our “growing” Colorbok Prize Pack draw!  It’s going to be a FUN and AMAZING PRIZE!

RAK Prize Pack to be won with your lucky "Challenge" ballot!

The BASIC Colorbok Prize Pack for May's Monday Challenges. It is GROWING!

It gets bigger EVERY time I receive an entry.  Here is a sneak peek of the BASIC prize pack! 

The only way I can enter your name is if you email it to me.

ALL WELCOME regardless of location. Additionally, former/current DT members and former/current Guest Designers are also eligible.

 Have fun- Now go on!!!  “Get creating! “

THANKS gals!

May 21, 2009


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Let’s shout it from the rooftops! We have a brand new Design Team here at CY! Noella and I are pleased to welcome FIVE talented ladies to  Creatively Yours!

Here they are, along with bios and  photos so you can “put a face to a name!”

1. Ann Seleshanko~ 


Hi my name is Ann and I’m very pleased to be a part of the Creatively Yours team. I’ve been married for 10 years and I’m a stay at home mom of two boys almost 6 and 9. They are the subject of most of my layouts. I live in Calgary, Alberta and there is no where else I’d rather be. I love being so close the the mountains. I’m a big history buff and have a degree in History. I’ve been scrapbooking for 10 years and making cards for about 6 years. I’m totally addicted. I love sketches as a starting point for creating. I love how one sketch can take on so many different forms. I’m on the design team at Savvy ‘n’ Sassy and I also sketch/design for SheetLoad of cards . I’m starting to dabble in photography and I’m hoping to take some courses in the fall.   You can find me on my blog here.  My  Gallery is here.

 2. Misty Miller~


Hi. My name is Misty Miller. I have been married to my husband, Dan, for 18 years. We have twin boys, Jacob and Caleb, who are 12 years old. We live in Greenfield, Indiana, and I teach students with learning difficulties. When we have the opportunity, we enjoy camping and hiking. I have always been into different crafts – sewing, cross-stitching, and quilting to name a few – since I was younger. I started seriously scrapbooking about 4 years ago when I was invited to a Creative Memories workshop at our church. I enjoyed scrapbooking so much that I kept going back to their monthly workshops. My style has certainly changed over the past 4 years. I look back at my first layouts and laugh. I am looking forward to being a part of the Design Team here at Creatively Yours!

Misty’s Blog is here. Enjoy!

3. Robin Gibson~


I’ve always been a ‘crafty kind of girl’, but got hooked on Scrapping, as we now know it, about 7 years ago. I DO love my paper and glue! I love to snap photos, and I tend to go crazy, since I have a digital camera, lol. And I’m lucky enough to have a very supportive husband who understands my ‘scrap-craziness’! He even built me a scrap room when we moved into our new house, and that’s what I call a man with his priorities in order. 🙂 
When I’m not scrapping, I work as a Nurse, and I also teach Nursing Assistant students, which is not only a challenge, but also, lots of fun! I’m married to David, and together we have 3 dogs, who are our children. 🙂 They are a constant source of pictures and joy for me.
While I’ve been scrapping for awhile, I’m new to the business of being on a Design Team. I’m SO excited about this opportunity to help inspire others, meet great friends, and have lots of fun! I’ve also recently been selected to be a member of the Purple Cows Design Team; so excited to get started with that too. 
I don’t know that I have a particular style, per se, so it’s likely you’ll see about anything from me.  But I DO love to work from a good sketch, and we all know that Noella and Ali can crank out some AWESOME inspiration for us to work with! So with that, I’ll just say, THANKS for having me here, and I’m thrilled to be working with this wonderful team! I just can’t wait to get started! I look forward to getting to know all of you better! 
Robin’s blog is here .  Her Flickr Gallery is here . Enjoy!
4. Rita Barakat~
Rita (and 'baby girl')

Rita (and 'baby girl')

My name is  Rita Barakat. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for over 18 years. I am a stay at home mother of five beautiful children. We had two then were blessed to adopt three more. (Baby girl is in the pic with me.) I craft because I love it. I have always loved crafts and scrapbooking is a way to incorporate my love of crafts into an art form that others will treasure for future generations. I am so excited to be on the Design Team for Creatively Yours because I love sketches! I love looking at other people’s work, it’s so inspiring!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I look forward to getting to working with Ali, Noella, the new DT and getting to know all of you.

Rita’s Blog is here  and her Gallery is here . Enjoy!


5. Andi Dickson~



 I live in Washington State with my husband and 3 children, Scott (8), Sierra (6) and Venice (1).   Besides homeschooling, scrapbooking is how I choose to spend most of my time. I love the creative challenge, and I enjoy creating beautiful things. I feel like my style is often changing, and it’s usually fairly eclectic. I tend to be more modern and bold, as I don’t usually care for the vintage or romantic look. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and going to the gym! Andi’s blog is here . Her Gallery is here . Enjoy!

Thank you to ALL the scrappers who applied to our Design Team Call… your Sketch #14 entries were really super! We encourage you to apply when the next call goes out! 

We also heartily congratulate Alison Thorne (June’s CY Guest Designer) and Jenifer Cowles (July’s CY Guest Designer). These upcoming guests were chosen through the recent CY-DT Call. 

We have a BIG surprise in store for you regarding the identity of our August CY-Guest Designer, so STAY TUNED! You will NOT want to miss this!  Very soon,  we will be on a hunt for more Guest Designers, and we value a good level of participation when making those choices!  So, please stay with  us here at CY, & share your LO links in the Comments section below so we can go visit your Gallery or blog, leave comments and keep you in mind as we make our next CY-GDT choices!!
Continue on with us as we  gain some (and share some) inspiration for the wonderful craft we call “scrapbooking.”
Have a super day! AGAIN:  A Warm Welcome to the new CY Design Team!
~Ali and Noella 
 Creatively Yours: Sketches by Noella and Ali

May 18, 2009

~Some CY News!!~

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A tidbit… Our FABULOUS new Design Team has been chosen. The announcement will come on  May 22, 2009.  Meanwhile, please continue on with the May 2009 CY Challenges and have fun!!

Challenge A

Challenge B

Challenge C

Challenge C

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Challenge C involves some inspiration from both a sketch and a photograph!

Here’s the sketch… it’s one of mine… lucky #7!

Sketch #7 by Ali MacDonald
Sketch #7 by Ali MacDonald

Next, I’d like you all to take your inspiration from this photograph: the images, the circle, the colours, the shading…. WHATEVER you like! This is a trivet I purchased for .49cents at a local store. Isn’t it gorgeous? LOL!

Inspiration for "Challenge C" ~ May 18, 2009

Inspiration for "Challenge C" ~ May 18, 2009

 And remember! With every LO you complete you are “given” a ballot which I’ll place in a hat with your name on it:  A chance to win the Colorbok prize pack featured in the post previous to this one. It’s growing every time  someone completes a Challenge and leaves me the link to check out!

Go, go, go!!!  Can’t wait to see what you’ll create!


May 12, 2009

It’s Time for Challenge B!!

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Challenge B:  This week our challenge is to create a LO that features the colours RED or Blue, while creating a LO from Sketch #21!

(Ok…Yes… you can use both colours! )

 Any shade of blue or red goes!

[These are my two fave colours, so I’m being  a li’l selfish here! ]

CY Sketch #21 by Noella Arsenault

Here is a link to Challenge A and the rules.

Remember you have a chance to win this GROWING  prize pack if you enter!

RAK Prize Pack to be won with your lucky "Challenge" ballot!
RAK Prize Pack to be won with your lucky “Challenge” ballot!

I am adding one new item every time I receive an entry. It’ll be a great pack of scrappy-ness!

Now go, go, go!!! Let me see your creativity!

Applicants to the CY Design Team might find this a good Challenge to do as well.

Show us your Team Spirit!

May 10, 2009

Prize Pak Picture!!

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Be sure to enter the challenges this month!

Challenge A has been posted below. Three will be  another Challenge posted EVERY Monday in May!

The challenges do not have to be done in order. You can pick and choose!

Do one challenge or do all 4 this month, but be SURE to get your name in the prize draw!

 The prize is SO much fun!

RAK Prize for our Lucky Winner!

RAK Prize for our Lucky Winner!

Each challenge you complete and send in to me  {pete ali@ east no spaces} nets you a BALLOT for our

 Colorbok Prize Pak. 

I’m going to sweeten the pot… For every entrant, I will ADD one item of Scrappy-ness to the RAK seen above!

Now: Go, go, go!

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